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Xstoryplayer Save Game (2022)




Is there any way to save on XStoryPlayer? When you play XStoryPlayer, where does the save go? I am having a problem loading my save game and I'm not sure where to go. .  I tried to start the game, but it didn't work. I get to the title screen, but there is no option for.. Save from XStoryPlayer now! . Save Game Location in XStoryPlayer. All the sex links are not working. Sex links (either in games or in tutorial) do not work, and I haven't been able to find a solution. I am using Windows 7 and XStoryPlayer V2.12.1.49. Save Game Location in XStoryPlayer Hello, My save game location is not working. I get to the title screen and the menu options are grayed out. I want to find the save/save2.dat file. Is there a way to fix this issue? . I can't find the Save location for XStoryPlayer. It says it's in the "Program Files" folder, but it's not there. Where is the save location for XStoryPlayer? No problem, I just save my games on the desktop and go to the folder to find the save. I have saved my games to the desktop, but when I go to open one of the saved games, I get a dialog saying I don't have permission to save to the folder. . I think I know what the problem is, but I'm not sure. My "Documents" and "My Pictures" folders are both open on the desktop. . I have tried to save on the desktop and there is no option to save on the desktop. Why? . Delete save files from XStoryPlayer. Delete the files from the directory.. I save my games on the desktop, but I can't open the saves, they always say I don't have permission to save the file. . Thank you, my net is connected and it did not work. I save games to desktop and move them to their save location but it always says I don't have permission to save on this folder? I do not know where my save game location is, because there is no option for this. How do I save my games to the desktop? When I open an unsaved




Xstoryplayer Save Game (2022)

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